Chicago, Illinois, USA, is a city with strong connections to the tasting of alcoholic beverages. A relatively recent city, established in 1833, sees the birth of, just two years later in 1835, one of America’s pioneering breweries. And, unsurprisingly, the first record of “Prohibition” violation occurred at 12:59 pm on January 17, 1920 (the very day the law came into effect) in Chicago when 6 armed men stole “medicinal” whiskey worth of $ 100’000. Organized crime was born, that day, in the USA. Today, of course, everything is different. Third Coast Soif 2019 is the third edition of Chicago’s “real wine” salon (the reference to the 3rd Coast has been gaining momentum, a way of saying that not everything is on the East or West coast!). Quinta do Infantado was present at this fantastic tasting with the Douro and Porto wines available in Illinois through our distributor Maverick Wines.